Miracles Are REAL (and how to attract them)

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

The following story I used to be ashamed of…it reveals a time of deep shadow and darkness in my life.

And after hiding it for soo long… I finally took the time to sit with it and I realized this story (like many of ours) should not be shamed… because it reveals a miracle inside.

Soooo…. Here we go…

Many moons ago, I was in a deep, dark place…

I was doing drugs, I wasn’t sleeping, I was overworked, and I was working for a CON ARTIST!

All of this toxicity was making me physically and mentally sick.

I didn’t even feel like I knew who I was!

I remember one of my WORST nights ever….

I was laying in bed and had one of those stereotypical COME TO JESUS moments where I looked up to the stars and KNEW I was in way……. too deep.

I prayed for help… I prayed for ANYTHING!

(Mind you, I didn’t know who I was praying to…. But I prayed!!)

I didn’t know if anything was going to happen…

But the very next day I got an offer for a NEW JOB!

And from then on… my life began to TOTALLY change.

It was a domino effect of goodness!


Now, I believe that the reason that miracle occurred was because I surrendered.


See, when we admit that we do not have control…

And we stop trying to micro-manage all of the things in our lives…

We open ourselves to RADICAL CHANGE!

Don’t you want that???

Well, we can DO IT!

And we’re going to start with a simple tap to help YOU release some control…

And create space for miracles to occur in YOUR life.

Let’s get started!!! ​

I would love to hear from you after the Tap. Where are you able to surrender in your life? How will you get started?

Let me know what you discovered about potential miracles in the comments below.

All my love and hugs,​

Jennifer Partridge
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