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Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Having integrity with saying “no” has been one of my life’s biggest lessons and a lesson I see many of my students and clients face…

It affects us In our work, relationships, and in honoring our truest needs and desires.

In the past I was the person who was too afraid to:

😬end the relationship
😬turn down clients who I knew were not a fit
😬say no to invitations and requests from friends

I also found myself in many compromising situations…

In the process of cleaning this up, I realized this stemmed from the feminine side of my lineage.

Generations of women who were all accommodating, adapting to everyone else’s needs but their own and saying yes, overriding their intuition and forcing themselves to accept, be happy and adjust to the wants of others, without thinking of themselves first.

Mmmmm…. Sound familiar?

As I worked through this… I discovered the more we suppress our needs, the more misaligned our life, relationships, and purpose become.

AND… On the love adventure… It recently showed up in how I was dating.

This fear of letting people down with my “no” had me both:

– not dropping in more deeply and getting to know others

– disappearing without letting others know why

I have a whole other blog about ghosting 😂 and how I believe this stems from our inability to hold a sacred no!

💡 When I started practicing my sacred no in business, that is when I started attracting true soulmate clients and students.

💡 When I started being clear about the kinds of relationships and friendships I wanted and what I was a no to, that is when my circle matched my deepest needs.

I realized it is about finding what feels deeply authentic and aligned.

For example, I may get a no for a potential candidate to join my Tapping Certification Program but we may both get a yes for them to join my 7 Week Personal Peace Process instead.

Both are very different programs, which support different needs and desires. Aligning to what is a full yes to our soul, is what saying no is all about.

Sooo in honor of your sacred no, here is a short Tapping session to grow your capacity to say no, honor yourself and keep expanding your reality to what you deeply desire.

I would like to hear from you, please share below and let me know what your sacred no’s are and what you are choosing as your sacred yes.

All my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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