Power Tap: Physical Pain

Jennifer Partridge


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It seems part of being human is experiencing physical pain, although we don’t like it… We all experience it from time to time!

Tapping can definitely come to the rescue in helping ease physical pain, and if you are watching at home, here are some signs tapping can help your physical pain:

  • You have physical discomfort that is repeating itself
  • You have tried everything else and nothing seems to work
  • You are feeling intense emotions along with the physical pain
  • You don’t have any energy, but you can move you fingers!
  • You are ready to trust your natural healing system
  • You are open to connecting your physical pain to your emotional pain

All of these are signs it’s time to give tapping a try on the physical. Join me in this power tap to help give your body some relief!

How did this power tap go for you? On a scale of 1-10, where was you pain before the tapping session? And where are you now? Leave your comments below!


Jennifer Partridge
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