Release Jealousy

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Today’s topic is one that is close to my heart, and research shows it touches millions of us.

Jealousy. It happens when you see (or imagine) somebody else experiencing something you’d like to have.

I would say most of my life I have celebrated others success…

And then, there have been times, when fear and competition have set in.

For me, it has affected my relationships with both romantic partners and other woman.

Like many of us who experience jealousy, there can be a tendency to blame others,

rather than recognizing the emotion it’s making you feel.

It’s understandable many of us of experience the array of emotions that flood in.

Sometimes resulting in fearful thoughts of abandonment, being undervalued, and feeling not good enough.

Looking at it more closely, I believe jealousy ultimately comes from two things;

  • Culturally; it comes from a belief that we need something / someone outside of ourselves to remind us that we are loved, worthy and good enough.
  • Genetically; it comes from survival of the fittest. Understanding that those who were stronger, healthier, more beautiful would have the highest likelihood of surviving and continuing their offspring.

But I would like to think that we are in different times now,

WE are evolving our species,

And as a result we can let go of these old survival patterns and finally get a higher truth;

We are love, we are infinite, there is no competition….

Yes… we are all one! I know it is a cliche, but isn’t it true?

When one person succeeds, they are contributing back to the whole.

And we are a part of that whole.

We can learn from others success and we can also learn from our jealousy.

They are both opposite sides of the SAME coin, teaching us;

That the power is within and whether we lose something or not,

We can never truly lose,

For we are connected to the infinite & we can never truly die,

and beneath the fear there is ALWAYS LOVE.

Beneath the fear there is always love.

I believe we can flip the coin and land on love whenever we like,

when we do these simple steps:

  • Celebrate the person you are jealous of.
  • Find ways to appreciate them.
  • Discover ways to learn from them
  • Fall in love with them


When we celebrate that which we are against,

love comes pouring in and the darkness disappears.

Now that is evolution!

I have created this Tapping session, to support you in releasing the dark forces and embracing the love that you are.

I would love to know what you discovered in this Tap, and how a fresh perspective can change your life.

Please let me know in the comments area of the blog! Nothing is more important than our love, so if you know of someone struggling, please share this post and remind them of their power!

Thank you, for reading, watching and sharing your voice. I am sending you oodles of love and gratitude.

Trusting that love is always on your side,


Jennifer Partridge
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