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Jennifer Partridge


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Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

My period was late, 6 DAYS!!! And I went on a roller coaster freak out ride…

At first myself and my partner laughed.

We were somewhat excited by the idea of a little buddha crawling around

(occasionally propelling spit, pee and poo in our direction).

And then serious FOMO set in. Like I have never experienced before!!

It was on the 6th day…

All my dreams, my career, my plans to travel flashed before my eyes


How could I do all the things I had planned?

I was beyond emotional, with a brave face and awkward smile.

I could not wait any longer.. We went and purchased 6 pregnancy tests (in case 5 of them were wrong)

Rushed home to pee on that stick! Just as I sat down to tinkle… The heavenly gates opened up…

Hallelujah… I have never appreciated seeing that red river between my legs so much.

I was NOT pregnant and my cycle was ALIVE!

This somewhat graphic tale taught me some important lessons about FOMO, that I feel is my duty to pass along, here goes:

  • Be courageous with your dreams, you never know when a door may close.
  • Be grateful for your life and the power of your choices
  • Take action and live life fully, the power is inside of you
  • You came to this planet for a reason, live it today
  • And possibly the most important lesson….
  • Wear protection!

If you are suffering from any Fear of Missing Out, (relationships, career, finances, sharing your gifts, travel, life experiences) then I have dug up this very fitting Tap to share with you today. It’s a FOMO tap. I made this video when I was suffering from fear of missing out at Burning Man! Haha… Yes this FOMO is not my first rodeo!


Do you ever get FOMO?

What would you do if you had one year to express your gifts fully? No regrets!

I would love to hear from you in the comments area of our blog. Now more than ever, we need people to live their life fully. Perhaps for one person they are here to raise beautiful, loving, kind children and for another it may be helping relieve famine in parts of the world, or to express oneself in their art.

Thank you for sharing your heart, voice and gifts. Most of all, thanks for stepping up and courageously living today!

All my love,


Jennifer Partridge

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