Release Your Fear of Physical Pain

Jennifer Partridge


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Yesterday was a scary one for me… I was given an opportunity to look at one of my biggest fears. One that I do not get to see all too much.


Part of me still feels shame around it, I guess because it’s one of the main areas that I am not completely over yet. It really triggers me.. I find myself;

Tensing up in my body

Crying hysterically in moments

And feeling like a helpless, vulnerable child

I was at the hospital preparing for surgery on my vagina!

If you know anything about me, topics related to my sexual organs in the past have required lots of emotional healing from early sexual abuse.

Sooo, I guess one good point of progress is that I was not feeling triggered around the actual work happening inside my vagina…. (actually kinda aroused.. Hehe.. the doctor was rather cute!)

The thing that was terrifying me out of my mind was; the needles, IV’s and this crazy fear that my veins were going to burst.

Sometimes our fears to the outside world seem silly, strange or irrational…

Yet knowing this does not always help them go away.

I have early trauma from needles in primary school, when I threw up in front of everyone after receiving vaccines…

and a stack of other memories like having intense dental work done by a very rough dentist in the back of a broken down trailer.

All these memories require my own love, safety and presence,

because it is amazing how they keep showing up until they are healed.

I could have sworn the anesthesiologist (the doctor who put me to sleep), was a spitting image of that earlier dentist from childhood. Ahhhhh!! Save me from the gremlin!

Yet the truth is, the only way to be saved is to save ourselves.

To do the inner work.

Tensing up and crying does not exactly support the situation in feeling or being more safe does it?

This is why I am excited to share this free Tapping session with you, to support you in both releasing physical pain and any fears you have surrounding potential pain.

You can try this on something small you are physically challenged by, a stiff neck or something big like those angry dentist gremlins chiseling away at your teeth. Or if you know someone dealing with physical pain send it on there way!

After doing the Tapping session, I would LOVE to hear from you. How did the Tapping session go? What are you working on? And how do you feel after processing your emotions around it?

The truth is no matter what we are feeling challenged by, the most powerful protection mechanism is our love.

It is our love that guides our inner state of wellbeing, as well as our clarity in decisions and our ability to hold a container of self worth and peace.

Thank you as always for being a listening ear on my journey, and it is my honor to support you on yours.

All my love,


Jennifer Partridge
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