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PT34-Releasing Numbness

Power Tap: Releasing Numbness

Sometimes in life we think it’s easier to not feel than to experience the overwhelm of our challenges in life. Why? Because sometimes feeling the rawness of reality is painful. It’s understandable, we would seek to numb out our feelings, especially when there is pain. Yet when we numb ourselves from feeling the pain, we also numb ourselves from feeling the joy, love and beauty of life. By using Tapping I have been able to get through many areas of numbness in my own life, which has awakened me to enjoy life so much more.


Below are six signs that perhaps you are choosing to numb your reality.

1. You often distract yourself with food, sex, alcohol or other heightened experiences

2. You shy away from having those confronting conversations

3. When someone asks you how you feel, you often do not know

4. You  are lacking a zest and excitement for life

5. You’ll do anything to avoid conflict

6. You are making excuses for not pursuing opportunities in work, relationships and social settings


I would love you to join me in this Power Tap, to support you in releasing the numbness, so that you may get in touch with yourself in a more powerful way. As we release the numbness and give ourselves permission to feel, we become empowered to create the life we dream of. Emotions are not always comfortable, yet they are there as our secret best friend, whispering and sometimes yelling in our ear asking us to pay attention, to love ourselves more. In this session you will be supported in the following ways:

  • Release the feeling of being numb

  • Clear your fear of feeling and what it may bring to your life

  • Accept what is happening in your life

  • Trusting your ability to grow and heal from whatever happens

  • Be empowered to grow  through feeling


I hope that this Tapping session has helped you to get in deeper touch with your emotional world so that you may move forward in a courageous way. After releasing numbness there is often an array of emotions that have been waiting to be looked at beneath the surface. If this is the case, you may wish to do another tapping session surrounding your topic of importance. Please feel free to look through the rest of my blog and see if there are any other sessions that can continue to support you.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

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I would love to hear what you discovered in this Tapping session and if it helped you defrost some of the numbenss! Let me know in the comments below.


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