The #1 Secret to Everything You Desire

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Here is a truth bomb 💣 ✨

The only way to have an empowered relationship with your clients, friends, family and beloveds is to have an empowered connection with yourself.

If your connection to yourself is not #1 priority, then that disconnection is going to show up in every other relationship you have including your client relationships.

The result with your clients will be:

  • A lack of clarity in knowing what prices and value to offer.
  • Inability to set healthy boundaries surrounding time, availability, and how much access you grant people.
  • Inability to show up with consistency for others and be a reliable source of safety and presence in their life.
  • Fears and insecurities surrounding really calling out others on their b*llshit.
  • People pleasing and trying to get approval, versus creating real transformation for someone.
  • Yoyo-ing between different marketing strategies, healing modalities, and business practices, without committing and seeing any of them through.

Sound familiar? Yep…. I’ve been there… ahemmm 😉 many times!

AND it all comes back to… LACK. OF. CONNECTION. TO. SELF.

However…. There is something magical that happens when you drop all the distractions, and finally focus on your connection to self… out of nowhere, a positive ripple affects your life, the people around you and your clients lives.

Suddenly there is more clarity. Alignment. Access to your Intuitive Power. Vision. Integrity. And a deep honoring of the sacred contract you came here to share on this planet…. One that belongs to your soul.

Yet to access all of this and so much more. You must connect to yourself first.

Stop people-pleasing.

Trying to be everything for everyone.

Trying to make it financially work for everyone’s budget.

Changing your worth, your values and packages consistently to “meet what you think the market wants”


Recognize how this is not only affecting your business, but it’s affecting everything in your life.

You want a beautiful loving relationship. Abundant cash flow into your bank account. Thriving health. A successful business. Love. A strong body. Unstoppable confidence.

It all comes back to this:

Your. Relationship. With. Yourself.

This is why I love EFT Tapping so much because not only does it reconnect me to myself, but as a bi-product all other areas of my life get to thrive including my business.

And any area that is not thriving, guess what… it’s not the outside world that is creating it…

It’s my disconnection to my authentic power.

And I can shift that shizzle 💩 whenever I like, simply by Tapping.

Do you want to join me and experience a true deep connection with yourself?

One that makes you overflow love, prosperity, true inner power?

Well it’s time to get on the Tapping train, and I have one for you today.

Try this mini Tap out, to access your true nature

After doing the Tap, share in the comments to me below and let me know what kind of miracles, blessings, and manifestations get to come into yours and your clients lives, when you allow your true nature to lead the show!

All my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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