How to Stabilize A Scatterbrain

Jennifer Partridge


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Do you ever feel like there is WAY too much information swirling around in your head?

Or do you ever feel like you’ve been dropping the ball, are struggling to keep up, or can’t meet the many challenges and demands that layout in front of you?

Well – YOU, my friend, are likely dealing with a scatterbrain.

Now, don’t let this deter you… Scatterbrain is TOTALLY common.

But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Here are some signs that you might be dealing with a scatterbrain…

One – You’re trying to do too much at once.

Two – You feel insecure or threatened!

Three – You feel pressure to do something you don’t necessarily want to do.

Four – You no longer feel safe.

Five – You’re too charged up on coffee or other stimulants!

Six – You’re afraid to make a choice and move forward.

Now, I’ve always been a scatterbrain… When I was a little kid, I was constantly staring out the window and day-dreaming…

And while that was fun, it got me into trouble when the teacher called on me.

I remember going up to the front of the class, and being totally clueless about what was going on.

My teacher would ask me a question, and BOOM, scatterbrain.

This type of thinking followed me throughout my life.

I was constantly struggling to balance my many interests… And sometimes, when I had a LOT going on, I would totally drop the ball, too!

That’s when I started to notice my scatterbrain… and really determine what was causing such a mental mess!

Typically, a scatterbrain arises when we’re trying to do too much at once.

This Tap will help you slow and create some space…

So your brain is no longer scattered, but rather open, organized, and easy to access!

Ready to Tap?

Let’s do it!

Do you ever experience a scatterbrain? What are some steps you can take to help slow down your racing mind?

Let me know in the comments below!

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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