Stop Caring About What Others Think

Jennifer Partridge


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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been afraid of what other people thought of you.

Now, I know we’re all probably reading this in our own quiet little space…. But I bet a LOT of hands are raised right now!

That’s because almost EVERYONE struggles with the fear of being judged.

But the problem is, that fear often disconnects us from our authentic selves… And holds us back from opportunities that we may have really LOVED!

Here are some signs that you might be in jeopardy of thinking about what other people think:

⚡️ONE: You want to share your talents with the world, but have been unable to do so.

⚡️TWO: You’re getting to know a new romantic partner but have been holding back.

⚡️THREE: You’re nervous to take a risk, even though it excites you.

⚡️FOUR: You feel embarrassed over what your bank account looks like.

⚡️FIVE: You’re constantly thinking about your family or friends’ opinions over your choices.

⚡️SIX: You debate over certain outfits because you don’t know what others will think of them.

⚡️SEVEN: You don’t want to set boundaries because you think people will reject you.

If any of these resonate, you miiiiiight be a bit too concerned with what others think of you!

By holding ourselves back we become more disconnected from our true self and live a life that doesn’t make sense to us.

NONE of that is worth pleasing other people!

(And besides, people are WAYYYY more concerned with themselves than you anyway!)

I am here to help you dismantle your fears about what other people think and step into your true power… And who YOU are meant to be.

Doesn’t that sound awesome??

Let’s get started!

I would love to hear from you after the Tap. Is the fear of judgment holding you back? What can you do to take a step forward toward your dreams?

Let me know in the comments below!

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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