Our products are here to inspire your wildest dreams.

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Our products are here to inspire your wildest dreams.


A Monthly Tapping membership
Life On Tap is the world’s best Tapping membership for people ready to change! Each month we gather twice online for a LIVE Tapping Experience, plus gain access to an extensive library of Tapping videos, special guest interviews and healthy practices to bring to life.

life on tap


A Practical Guide to Authentic Living
Dream Awake is offered to you as a tool to discover your true identity, one that is not passed down by any system of thought, but rather understood through your own inward reflection and self-realization. As we clear the mind from the many programs, automatically we step into our own great awakening.

“Jennifer is the true embodiment of self-healing, of truly reclaiming the self through every trial and tribulation possible.”
– Shonna Ordway
“Jennifer’s definitely one of the greatest healers, teachers, therapists, spiritual guides that I’ve ever met in my life..”
– Jenna Grayson
“One reason I really love Jen is she’s really good at taking your darkness and just putting light on it, she’s encouraging. She’s like, “Oh, you did that? Great. What else?”.”
– Kate Goldstein
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