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“She is the ultimate teacher, unconditionally present and in a complete, full divine channel for spirit to work through her at every given moment.”
– Shonna Ordway

Master the Art of Tapping with These Programs

Enrollment Open for February 2024: Join me in my 6 month Tapping Coaches Certification and discover how to have a positive impact in this world, live a dream career that lights you up, and achieving financial, mental and emotional freedom. Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Tapping, is rapidly spreading across the globe. The world is calling out for more healers who are capable, trained and ready to support the global awakening.

Join the Program Now: In this 7 week self-paced program students are taken through a deep journey of inner inquiry and process to heal the deepest parts of themselves and step into an empowered life guided by self love, trust and their true manifestation powers.

“Jennifer is the true embodiment of self-healing, of truly reclaiming the self through every trial and tribulation possible.”
– Shonna Ordway

“Jennifer’s definitely one of the greatest healers, teachers, therapists, spiritual guides that I’ve ever met in my life..”
– Jenna Grayson
“One reason I really love Jen is she’s really good at taking your darkness and just putting light on it, she’s encouraging. She’s like, “Oh, you did that? Great. What else?”.”
– Kate Goldstein


A Practical Guide to Authentic Living
Dream Awake is offered to you as a tool to discover your true identity, one that is not passed down by any system of thought, but rather understood through your own inward reflection and self-realization. As we clear the mind from the many programs, automatically we step into our own great awakening.



Within the pages of this journal, you will be guided into understanding the causes of your emotional patterns through the process of Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping. Consider this journal a way to feel, access and heal your inner most fears with the power of your love.