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Jennifer Partridge


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The Challenge
I have a challenge for you today, one that may not appeal to your ego but one that will appeal to your essence:  Take a Break!

I feel like all of us are crazy in our activity and myself being a huge culprit. The truth is I often find myself on this merry-go-round of a never ending to do list, which has me running from one thing to the next. Even when I’m not physically doing a lot, there’s still a lot of doing happening in mind, thinking about things and getting things done in my mind.

Today, the invitation is to take a break from it all just for a moment, even if it’s a break for 20 minutes. How to do this?

Step 1: Give yourself permission to take that break
Step 2: Pause the to-do list
Step 3: Pause all of your action items that having you running around
Step 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT: Take a break from your mind.

Realize this truth
When we are able to take a long enough break from the chatter of the mind, we realize that it was the chatter that was making us so busy in the first place. In addition to making us so busy, we also forget our true identity and start to believe we are all the thoughts in our mind. This is understandable because if the mind stop it’s chatter then who are you? If the mind stops talking, what is your identity? Your identity is nothingness if your mind stops chattering.  You are nothing if your mind stops chattering, and that’s really scary for the ego.

It’s scary to the ego to be nothing because if you’re nothing then you are no longer special, if you’re nothing then you have no identity and so the mind doesn’t want to stop it’s because it doesn’t want to be nothing.

The ego doesn’t want to be vague and not special and so it holds on to the chatter and doesn’t stop. If you do not take your monkey mind by the reins, it will run around in circles until you are more exhausted than running a marathon.

Shift Your Perspective
What if we shifted our perspective for a moment and realized that the chatter is actually not our identity, and rather all of this chatter are the imprints passed down through the generations, through cultural beliefs, religious doctrines, media, genetic codes and early traumas that were not resolved. What if we saw, that all of this chatter and the emotional roller coasters that come along with it, have been passed down to us?

The way to know this to be true is to silence your mind, because when we silence our mind and the chatter stops for a moment: Ahh haaaa…. You witness nothingness.  There is nothing there, just space and deep peace. You then realize all of that inner dialogue was not you in in the first place and rather it was just something you were grasping onto, thinking you owned, but it was not really you.

A Good Solution
Today I invite you to meditate, take a break and sit in meditation. This place of meditation can sometimes be uncomfortable, because it is hard to let go of identity especially when you first start. The thoughts, opinions and perceptions will seek to divert your attention, divert you away from the silence because it’s petrified of losing a sense of self. Yet, if you have patience, watch your breath, keep coming back to the nothingness you will soon touch a place of liberation.

Your liberation does not have to be a crazy, enlightened experience… but rather a place that is relaxing, a place of deep peace; it will be your sanctuary.

When we tap into this place of nothing, we discover something there, which is very unexpected. We discover something that is so unique to us as an individual. It is a place
of pure inspiration and creativity. This place of nothing, is the place of the eternal, and when this  starts to inform your life you are no longer bound by the limits of time, by the blocks of old programs and the fears of past imprints. When you allow the eternal to direct your life, this is when you really step into the flow.

So today here is your challenge: take a break from your mind and see what happens!

Even just for 20 minutes. See what you discover.

I would love to hear what wisdom do you discover when you let your mind rest? Please let me know in the comments below.

Sending you all my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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