Tap Into Your Soul’s Purpose

Jennifer Partridge


I'm Jennifer

Life coach, EFT / Tapping expert, yogi & wellness activist with a wild heart dedicated to support you in living the life of your dreams.

Mind my french… but….

I want to call bullshīt on something that I see repeatedly in the coaching industry…

Many leading teachers have become sooo focused on making money that they are losing the soul’s purpose of why they do what they do.

Recently I read a blog from a very well respected coach and trainer, who said when it comes to getting high paying clients you must “Pick a skill that has high demand and low competition”.

And while this sounds like a reasonable and logical strategy…

I would say choosing a coaching niche based on what is “low in competition and high demand” will be a VERY unfulfilling job…unless it is truly your souls path 😲💥

Following a path because we think it will make us a lot of money is a sure way to be deeply unfulfilled.

And when we are unfulfilled, how can we truly show up in our power and fullness for our clients and the world.

Instead…. What I like to share with my students is getting into deep alignment with your soul passion, and the places where you have transformed and healed your life and share that with the world and your clients.

Yesssss…. there may be thousands of other coaches in the same “niche” as you.

But there is ONLY one YOU!! And that is what makes your service unique and powerful.

This is an invitation to get so turned on by what you’re doing, that it becomes magnetic for high paying clients. And not some random strategy to hopefully make a bunch of cash quickly.

The reason I feel so passionately about this topic is I lived the other reality for MANY years, prioritizing the money first…

After blowing close to a million dollars on all these fancy strategies, I realized the most lucrative (YES!! THE MOST MONEY MAKING) and enjoyable strategy is to get turned on by your life, share your wisdom from who you have become and attract your clients from that empowered place.

This is a different way of doing business.. because your business is not separate from you,…. and it can be completely woven into the core impulse and joy of your soul.

As a result you look forward to your client sessions, there is a natural impulse to want to keep showing up and you feel enlivened by the whole process.

And for now, I want to share a very special recording from a live in person event I did on living our purpose.

After doing the Tap, I would love to hear in the comments below, what is your soul’s highest calling for your life right now? And if there were no limits, what would you be doing? Who would you be serving?

I look forward to hearing all your comments.


Trust yourself and why you entered this game to start with. You have the power to transform lives, and it is all inside of you!

All my love,

Jennifer Partridge
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