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Jennifer Partridge


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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract all the right opportunities and overflowing success when you are there cranking the wheel night and day, only to get sub-par results?

How do some people just seem to attract success more easily?

Here’s the secret: THEY TRUST THEMSELVES.

Now this does not mean you do not trust yourself already. But what I have learnt, there is always extra ways to trust our self and life more…

When we feel trust deep inside, it creates an air of desire around us, a self esteem, and that sugar mumma or puppa inside, then attracts gold!

One of my students recently wrote to me, frustrated because she was working around the clock, but not seeing any results. I had to respond. There is a way of attracting a new level of success, and it is not about pushing, or changing who you are. It starts with self trust.

Can you imagine believing in yourself so much that you then:

  • Attract all the right people who desperately want to work with you
  • You communicate with confidence what you want & others support you
  • You are so proud of who you are, that others seek to learn from you
  • You trust your success so much, that now it is about having fun
  • Financial resources, opportunities and relationships align to your vision

AND…. It feels so freakin’ good just to be YOU!

All this starts with trusting yourself deeply. On today’s Dream Awake Tapping, I will share a special Tapping session with you to learn to trust yourself more. If you give this session a go, I guarantee your confidence and your magnetism will enhance the results you are attracting!

Power Tap: Trust Yourself

If you want to have more success and feel less overwhelmed by life, try this Tap now. Plus, this episode shows me being an actual hamster on an endless wheel of tasks. Ahhhhhh! Yes! I turn into a hamster, it’s true.

While we can try to push success, the truth is we need an element of trust and surrender in the mix. So don’t push harder. Just Tap it out.

Because YOU are worthy of trust.

You are a pure miracle of creation. Let’s make sure you have the tools and understanding to have all the success you deserve and are ready for.

Once you’ve Tapped, I’d love to hear from you.

What insights did you discover to help you trust yourself more? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because so many amazing souls come here each week for inspiration. Your discoveries may support them in stepping into their greatest potential.
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Thank you so much for Tapping, sharing and being a gift to this community. Your love and support lift us up, and I am so grateful to share this journey with you.
Most of all, remember this. Any success you desire to create, starts with a foundation of believing and trusting in yourself. And if there is a vision inside of you, it is there for a reason. It is supposed to happen. Use this Tap whenever you wish to return to a state of deep trust inside.

With SO much love,


Jennifer Partridge
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