The Power of Touch & Intimacy

Jennifer Partridge


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There was a time in my life when I was afraid to look at people in the eyes,

I was afraid to hug too long,

Afraid to accidentally knock legs with the stranger sitting on the bus,

I had thoughts like… is this a hugging moment, or is it not?

Awkwardly, I would stumble and go in for a half hug…

OMG! Human intimacy freaked me out! Yet, like most of the world, these thoughts seemed normal.

“Don’t stare too long, you will look creepy”

“It’s inappropriate to touch”

“Don’t say I love you, it will scare them away”

Yet something shifted for me when I realized the love I was craving,

was the same love everyone is craving.

Love is the ultimate healer, support system and life line..

According to an article in Nature Neuroscience

The amount of nurturing and compassionate touch during the first few weeks of birth in animals

can have a lasting behavioral effect that leads to growing up being calmer.

This study proves that epigenetic patterns are reversible,

that through surrendering to love and breaking through barriers

we are able to live in deeper states of love.

Last night, I visited Amma, the hugging saint. She was visiting in LA for 3 days.

People line up for hours waiting to get a short hug with her.

And I have to say the 6 hours that I waited was worth every moment.

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Dive into Deeper Intimacy

Love and Intimacy can be simple. It does not have to be complicated.

We all crave a hug every now and then, so go and share them with the world.

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge

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