How to Trust Your Emotional Process

Jennifer Partridge


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There was a time in my life where I was so numb.

I thought living on the surface was normal.

I lacked real depth, and the ability to look into someone’s eyes and see their truth when they were hiding.


Because I was hiding too.

I did not feel safe, to experience my own emotions, so how could I witness anothers?

I don’t blame myself for this.

I grew up in a culture that did not teach safe containers for our emotions.

Instead, I grew up in a world that celebrated escapism. So I did that too.

I drank alcohol, popped pills, stayed up late going to parties, and avoided time alone…
until I could not hide anymore.

The rare moments I found with myself, I was a mess. My emotions ran rampant. I lived on a rollercoaster. Extreme highs and lows.

And then I discovered this Truth 💡

The more time you take to process your emotions, the safer you feel and the more free you become.

The less reactive you become.

The more clear you become.

The less control people have over you.

The more power you have to manifest your dreams.

The less overwhelmed you are.

The more you have an epic life on your terms.

🚀 This is the reality that transformed my life and it can transform yours to.

Yet, you must do one small uncomfortable task to get there….

Are you ready?

You must know that you are safe to feel it all.

Every single emotion; rage, sadness, depression, hopelessness, fear, worry, overwhelm…

Give yourself permission to feel it all.

Humans avoid looking at their emotions because they believe it is not safe to feel.

Yet, making excuses, numbing and avoiding your emotional process only creates further addictions, disempowered relationships, lack of financial flow, negative self talk, self sabotage… you get the point!

Thank goodness for my messy #WakeUpCall

Leading me to this core teaching – we are human. We are supposed to feel. It is our body’s intuitive system intelligently guiding our life.

Are you craving a deeper level of safety inside?

You can create it for yourself, and you can have it today.

Thank you for tapping with me and knowing that you have full permission to feel it all. As you continue to nourish your own healing journey my hope is that you also continue to discover new levels of freedom and power in your life.

Let me know in the comments below what you discovered in the Tap and what you get to create when you feel a deeper sense of safety inside.



Jennifer Partridge
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