How to TRUST YOURSELF in challenging times

Jennifer Partridge


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Who do you trust?

The Media…. Culture…. The Government…. Religion…. Magazines…. Billboards…. The News… Your Parents…. Your Spouse…. Your Friends….


Do YOU trust YOU ?

We live in times right now, where we need to turn on our inner compass.

Our own inner gage for bullsh*t. A truth detector perhaps… hmmm 🕵️‍♂️🔬

And how do we do it? We become masters of trusting ourselves.

We dive so deep inside, that we feel the truth residing in every particle of our being.

This kind of truth requires no validation from the outside world.

You can listen to YOURSELF and get any answer you’re seeking right now in any area or topic you choose!

You are you’re very own genie 🔮✨

And…. How do you know if you need to trust yourself more?

Here are SOME SIGNS your intuition is calling!

1: You are doubting which direction to take in life.

2: You are hesitating to move forward with a life transition.

3: Other people are pressuring you to do something their way.

4: You fear making a mistake and are frozen or procrastinating.

5: There’s a new opportunity on the horizon.

Do any of these apply to you???

If so, there are baby steps you can do to help TRUST YOURSELF MORE!

You can set small goals…

You can reflect on your strengths… I’m sure you’ve done many wonderful things, if you look.

You can meditate and get quiet…

And you can do one very special, magical thing….. TAP!

How does Tapping help?

When we tap, we work to rewire our brain, in doing so…

we let go of the fears and opinions passed down to us from our culture, our family lines and the media.

Then there is room to finally hear your OWN INNER VOICE!


This allows you to make decisions with clarity and peace.

Sounds simple, huh? Yep…. it sure is!

Let’s activate the wizard, genie, magical king or queen in you right now.

I would love to hear from you after the Tap. What did you learn about trusting yourself? How can you take steps to trust yourself even more?

Let me know what you discovered in the comments below.

All my love and hugs,


Jennifer Partridge
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