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Myself and two of my favorite humans packed into a 32 foot rental RV today.. On the way to burning man…

AND…. “right out the gate” the magic had begun…. my sister accidentally scraped the full side of our RV on the gate while leaving 😬…. soooo long suckers… 🦄⚡️

… Resulting in scratches all along the side of the vehicle, reflector lights torn off, and our beloved electrical gate, now broken….

However, what transpired after this little car crash was what interested me the most…

We found ourselves in the back of the RV, Tapping our hearts out and processing the car crash, and… it led to something so much deeper. It was this:

What appears to be a scratch on the surface is often something so much deeper.

In the process of Tapping, my friend was able to understand the messages that the universe was seeking to give her through this “accident”.

I always share with my students in my Tapping Coach Certification Program, that if there is an accident, a severe illness or some kind of an emergency in your client’s life… then this will usually reflect a deep unconscious and unprocessed emotion or trauma.

Our magical universe is always seeking to communicate with us… Yet it has a slightly different language than us… The universe speaks in energy, signs and symbols ✨❌🦄. So we must learn to decode them, which is exactly what Tapping does.

Here is a little “CRASH” course on how to decode the language of the universe:

  1. Before things turn into physical matter, they always start as energy✨. They show up in thought forms and emotional patterns.
  2. The universe will whisper 😇 it’s lessons to you in the subtle energy field first…Soo…. if you are quiet enough, you can hear the universe speaking to you in the silence of meditation or in the symbols showing up around you.And then if you don’t listen, guess what happens?
  3. The whispers get louder and louder 🔥, until the message manifests itself in the form of accidents, illnesses, emergency situations, broken relationships and chaos.

Clients who have a lot of PTSD will often have a lot of physical chaos around them because they have not processed the stored trauma in their system and so it is harder to have both an inner and outer state of cohesion.

By Tapping with my friend, we discovered that the challenges on the surface are actually a gift to our evolution, because if the universe did not speak so loudly, we may have never got the message.

If you want a deep dive into bringing more magic and grace into your life, even when times seem tough… Check out this workshop I did in Los Angeles, called Tapping into Magic & Grace and let’s find the blessings in all that is happening in your world.

Instead of resisting the challenge, blaming yourself, feeling guilty for what happened, encourage yourself and your clients to see that EVERY – SINGLE – THING… as a gift, pointing you in the right direction for your evolution… especially the hard challenges… they are there to help us grow.

Let me know in the comments below what your evolutionary gift was through processing your challenge?



Jennifer Partridge
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