Why Do We Avoid Feeling?

Jennifer Partridge


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Have you ever found it hard to shake off feelings of agitation, heaviness, depression or being totally unmotivated?

One thing that I have learnt is; if there has been a lingering “feeling” in my life for an extended period of time, (be that days, weeks, months or even years)

There is usually some situation/s in the background that has not been resolved.

This is the same for continual pains in the body.

The feelings and aches that we experience on a day to day basis are telling us to resolve something very important..

Something that we have been avoiding.

I noticed this more recently when I was holding onto a “conversation” that I knew I needed to have with a friend, surrounding feeling respected.

It took me a whole week to finally have that heart to heart conversation.

Like most of  us in difficult situations, I feared being too reactive, exposing my vulnerability, or stumbling over my words.

As a result of holding on to it, that whole week I had a layer of heaviness in my field.

Life seemed a little harder that week. All my interactions and activities were colored with this lingering unresolved feeling.

And then… I finally mustered up the will to have this conversation and the moment I did, I felt layers of heaviness roll off my shoulders.

I instantly felt better.

Often at times we underestimate what “holding back” our feelings does to us.

I have worked with clients who have suffered with depression, anxiety, and all sorts of phobias and am continually reminded that every time we process the baggage, our overall life gets better.

Processing our emotions has a positive side effect on our physical health, relationships, creativity, sexuality, purpose and our lust for life!

Is there something in your life that has been lingering in the background?

I invite you to take some time today to process it.

Your emotions, fears and discomforts are worthy of your time and the sooner you process those emotions, the sooner your life will be lifted.

If it’s an uncomfortable conversation or just an uncomfortable emotion you’re feeling, I have just the Tap for you.

The truth is; we can never truly avoid our emotions. They are there for a reason, and were wired into our brain at some point in time.

Ironically, if we truly want to avoid our negative emotions, we must hold them deeply in our love. Avoiding, numbing and putting off our feelings actually strengthens the synapses that connect them in the brain tissue.

Try a little love, see what happens, resolve to dissolve the emotional charge.

I would love to hear how you feel after the tap, did you get a new surge of energy and life force? What did you discover? Leave your comments below.


Jennifer Partridge
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