Holy Cow! Your Best Day EVER

Jennifer Partridge


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Something changed for me after my intention setting ceremony for 2019

Every day seems to be the best day ever…

And it is NOT by accident, or a simple gift from the Gods (Well maybe it is!)

Let me set the stage….

Before this ultimate, holy cow, out of this world feeling came into my daily life, I used to have the following bad habits:

  1. Roll out of bed, open my social media for breakfast, and start tackling my to do list without any priority or larger organization in mind.
  2. I would forget to eat, or grab something on the go.
  3. I was NOT managing my team appropriately… deadlines? There were none, well we planned for them… but more often than not things would slip through the cracks.

I was NOT on my A GAME….

My health and my energy were swinging up and down.

I often felt overwhelmed by my endless To-Do list

And I was not experiencing a regular connection to my spirit

You would think as a Tapping coach, I had it all figured out…

But I had prioritised my work before my practice.

After looking deeper into my 2019 intentions and Tapping on my blocks, I realised it’s not about what I achieve, it’s about what I feel.

I started listing the things that make me feel INSPIRED AND ALIVE everyday, and surprise it was not working 24/7. It was….

  • Sweat Yoga in the morning (like total dripping to the beat, followed by a cold shower)
  • Chugging on green juices daily
  • Exploding in art, painting and self expression
  • Playing with my pup
  • Honoring deeper levels of organisation in my business

And guess what happened to my life when I took care of these other areas:

More inspiration, greater team management, motivation, confidence, clearer boundaries around time, focus and a powerful positivity that is touching everything I do.

So you want to start making every day your best day ever?

Let’s clear out the blocks first and then set very clear intentions and habitual patterns into your routine. Join me in this free Tapping session to have The Best Day Ever.

After you have watched the video, I would love to hear from you. What habits are you now choosing to bring into your EVERY DAY? And when you do those habits, how do you feel?

Remember this year is about feeling GOOD! Lets do it together.



Jennifer Partridge

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